Computer tomography (CT) is a modern diagnostic method that allows for a complete dental examination of a patient and allows for ensuring quality treatment. A CT scan is a detailed 3-dimensional X-ray image which completely reproduces the internal structure of the object under examination from different angles.

Why do you need CT?

Computer tomography helps doctors not only to diagnose an issue, but also to choose the right treatment tactics. This examination makes it possible to exclude many serious disorders and significantly reduce the risk of medical errors. The tomograph allows seeing the anatomical structures that appear to be missing during the X-ray examination.

The diagnostic CT procedure is used to:

– clarify individual anatomical features before implantation;

– study dental channels in detail;

– check the position and appearance of the teeth;

– conduct a comprehensive endodontic treatment;

– examine injuries of the jaw or teeth;

– reveal tumors of bone and soft tissues in the maxillofacial area;

– study pathological changes of the facial skull, the state of periapical sinuses, chewing muscles, lower jaw joint;

– control the treatment course as well diagnose inflammatory processes (periodontitis, periodontitis and others).

Computer tomograph
First of all, we are concerned with the safety and health of our patients, so we have chosen the equipment from the undisputed leader of innovative systems in medicine, the German company Sirona.

What scans exactly do we do at the Dent Line Clinic?

For convenience, we offer patients the most exhaustive list of CT services:

– A panoramic teeth image for both adults and children (children under 14 years of age are served)

– high quality periapical X-ray pictures

– a shot of the lower jaw joint (closed and open)

– CT of the upper and lower jaws (in the occlusion) or of each jaw separately

– CT of a separate segment (1-2 teeth)

– CT of the temporomandibular joint

– CT of the paranasal sinuses of the nose

Radiation exposure in computer tomography

Reducing radiation exposure is one of the key tasks, so all Sirona X-ray units are optimized to achieve the highest possible image quality with minimal radiation dose. All stages of the tomography work, starting with the positioning of the patient and ending with the image production, are carefully synchronized and provide the lowest effective radiation dose (Effective dose according to ICRP 2007 (Ludlow)).

What is the preparation for CT photography?

Preparation for CT diagnostics is not required. You only need to phone the clinic in advance and book an appointment at a convenient time and day. The procedure takes about 20 minutes. Remember: during the examination it is necessary to remove metal objects as they create obstacles and hamper interpretation of results. Upon completion, you receive a hard and soft copies of the CT scan. All images are stored in a special database, so if you accidentally lose your scan, you can always retrieve it from us.

Quality and detailed diagnosis is a guarantee of preventing  unwanted sequela!