Dental Clinic Dent Line on Podol, Kyiv

Successful work experience since 2004 and appreciative feedback from thousands of patients are the best recommendations for choosing of Dent Line Clinic. If you are looking for highly qualified, personalized, diagnostic and treatment professionals who work with the latest equipment and at affordable prices then we are waiting for you!

Why Choose Us?

Dent Line Clinic principal values are unconditional responsibility and professionalism. That is why people trust us both in ordinary and most difficult cases that is confirmed by thousands of satisfied patients.

Modern Dental Center of full circle

We present all types of dental services. All types of diagnostics (CT, dental x-ray).

Dent Line Clinic works in the following areas: implantation, aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics, treatment of caries and of its complications, treatment of root canals (including using a dental microscope), orthodontics, periodontics, professional hygiene . We have our own dental laboratory and a separate operating unit where we conduct implantation (including sleep dentistry). We are carrying out a high level of sterilization at all stages of work and we comply with all requirements in order your treatment to be comfortable and safe.

For your convenience:

  • Clinic is located in the historic center of Kyiv and it is very easy to reach us.
  • We work every day without weekends.
  • Our administrators and doctors speak English fluently, so your treatment will be as comfortable as possible.
  • You can pay by cash or bank card.
  • You can always count on online appointment for a consultation or treatment and for receipt of qualified dental services.

Dent Line Clinic Price

Diagnostics Price
Doctor consultation 700 UAH
Focused radiovisiography (Exposure of one tooth) 390 UAH
Orthopantomography (panoramic exposure of all teeth) 550 UAH
CT scan of upper and of lower jaw bones 920 UAH
Dental Care (Therapy and Endodontics) Price
Tooth stopping from 1950 UAH
Photopolymeric restoration (1 tooth) from 3100 UAH
Treatment of root canals under a microscope (1 canal) specify the cost
Treatment of root canals from 7000 UAH
Aesthetic Stomatology and Prosthetics Price
Zirconium crown on the implant (1 unit) from 8900 UAH
Porcelain jacket crown on the implant (1 unit) from 11 900 UAH
Zirconium crown (1 unit) from 8200 UAH
Crown, porcelain veneer “E Max” (1 unit) from 11 920 UAH
Temporary plastic crown (1 unit) from 850 UAH
Temporary plastic crown on the implant (1 unit) from 1250 UAH
Digital modeling from 1400 UAH
Removable prosthetics specify the cost
Surgical dentistry Price
Tooth extraction from 1100 UAH
Atypical tooth extraction from 4500 UAH
Closed sinus lifting from 5100 UAH
Reconstruction of alveolar portion from 15 000 UAH
Sinus lifting from 16 000 UAH
Implantation Price
Implant Astra Tech from 23 000 UAH
Implant Osstem/MegaGen from 14 800 UAH
Implant Straumann  from 23 000 UAH
Orthodontics Price
Self-aligning braces Damon Q 1 jaw from 29 900 UAH
Self-aligning braces Damon Clear 1 jaw from 33 900 UAH
Periodontics and Hygiene Price
Tartar removal with manual scaling (1 quadrant) from 1620 UAH
Filling of tooth loss chart 990 UAH
Vector therapy (upper and lower jaw) 5800 UAH
Laser whitening (BioLase) 1 jaw 4900 UAH
Professional hygienic cleaning with “Air Flow” methods and ultrasound from 1580 UAH